Create Added Value for Urban Districts

with sustainable energy solutions

Visit 6th Energy Symposium • 8 + 9 October 2019 • Graz, Austria


The demand in the housing industry is changing due to an increasing change in social needs and political requirements like the sharing economy, e-mobility solutions and energy-saving measures. Energy Symposium gives housing associations an overview on how to deal with these changes. Find out how to preserve value of real estate for the future by reducing construction and operating costs through the use of renewable energy.


The design of the building technology for new buildings and renovation has a direct influence on the social compatibility of residential areas and the reduction of THG emissions. Find out how you can reduce investment and operating costs by adjusting energy consumption and production profiles in quarters and buildings and increase the degree of energy autonomy for lower expenditure.


Cities, local authorities and energy suppliers will be key players for the large-scale implementation of renewable energy in urban areas. Meet these potential business partners of your new building projects and urban area concepts at the event.


Moreover innovative small and medium sized enterprises as well as globally operating corporates are attending the Symposium. They present their technologies and new business concepts related to the integration of the various energy sectors at city, district and building level.



Gain Business Insights

Energy Symposium is your information platform for the ideation and realisation of innovative building and urban area projects. Learn about best practices, e.g. from egrid applications & consulting who share their experiences in the planning and optimizing by cross-sectoral energy supply.

Experience innovative technology in the area of functional building envelopes in workshop 4 and workshop 2 about Smart District Development in the Context of Current Urban Development Requirements. Meet the technology leaders and discuss the approach and new possibilities. Use technological advantage to generate unique selling propositions for your customers.


experience smart city graz

Graz (Austria) has many years of experience in the implementation of smart and sustainable urban development projects on a European level. It is home of world’s No 1 Green Tech Cluster with more than 200 companies and research institutes, who contribute their technologies to the implementation of the innovative Smart City Graz. That makes Graz the perfect location for this event. You'll visit the innovative Science Tower which is one of the few energy plus skyscrapers in Europe and experience the realisation of the smart city at first hand.

Speakers of Energy Symposium 2019

Why Energy Symposium focuses on

integrated Energy Systems in Urban Areas

To maintain the climate of our planet in the long term we must change our energy generation from fossil to renewable sources. An efficient use of this renewable energy can only be realised by the integration of the individual electricity, heat and mobility sectors.


Dominating the global energy demand and relying on their density of economic, human and intellectual capital cities and urban areas will play a key role in the successful realisation of a sustainable energy transition. This transition will completely change the energy market of the past, disrupting common business models and providing at the same time exciting new opportunities.


Innovative technologies and new business concepts related to the integration of the individual energy sectors at city, district and building level are the focus of the 6th Energy Symposium, which provides a platform for cross-sectoral exchange between technology providers, users and authorities.


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